Yu Kurosaki "New Flash" Gyuto Knife 210mm Wenge Pattern Turquoise Katsura

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Genre: Gyuto knife
Blade length: approx. 210mm
Total length: approx. 360mm
Blade thickness: 2mm at the base of the ridge
Blade width: approx. 49mm
Weight: Approx. 170g
Pattern: Wenge octagonal pattern x turquoise Katsura
Core material: Super Gold 2 powder high speed steel
Side material: stainless steel
Hardness: HRC62 or higher
Double-edged/single-edged: Double-edged (for both left and right use)

*The new flash is different from the normal type flash in the curve from the peak (the part close to the handle on the back) to the tip. *Since it is a handmade item, there may be slight differences. In particular, the blade, handle, and Katsura pattern are different from one to another. Please note that the wenge pattern ranges from dark brown, almost black, to light brown. *Actual color may vary depending on the color reproduction of your monitor. The color may differ from that of

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