After-sales follow-up service information

We will resharpen the knife you purchase free of charge.

However, please only pay the actual shipping costs for the round trip.

*Please contact us if you live near Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

In the case of knives purchased from another shop, resharpening will normally cost 1,500 yen per knife, and 2,000 yen will be charged if the blade is chipped, rusted, or severely damaged.

(We may refuse your request depending on the severity)

If you would like to send a knife to be resharpened, please contact us in advance.

Service flow

1. Customers contact us

2. We will confirm the details of the maintenance and inform you of the amount, delivery company, payment method, number of days required for the service, etc.

3. Shipping products from customers

4. After receiving, re-sharpening etc.

5. Shipping after contacting the customer

6. Customer receipt

routine maintenance

・Regardless of the steel material, please wash it off after use and wipe off any moisture.

・Please refrain from using in the dishwasher or dryer.

・Do not pour boiling water over it or heat it with a burner.

・Please thaw frozen foods thoroughly before cutting.

- If rust appears, remove it with a commercially available rust remover (rust remover rubber, etc.).

- If the sharpness decreases, sharpen it with a whetstone (medium whetstone = about 1000 to 2000).

- Sharpener is not recommended, but if you do use it, please use it only as a temporary measure.

・When cutting hard objects, be careful not to twist the cut while cutting. This may cause the blade to spill.

・When storing for a long period of time, spread a thin layer of oil such as camellia oil on the blade and store it wrapped in newspaper, etc.