Master of suminagashi, popular overseas

Born in Sabae City. Third generation head of Kato Uchihamono Seisakusho (formerly Kanehiro Knife Seisakusho).
Trained under the second generation, Hiroshi Kato. Our integrated production process, in which all processes of knife production are carried out in our own workshop, allows us to achieve a detailed and careful finish.

In particular, suminagashi, also known as the Damascus pattern, has become synonymous with Mr. Yoshimi Kato, and Mr. Kato is widely known overseas as the ``Master of Damascus''. The unique patterns of each piece are breathtakingly beautiful, giving it the feel of a traditional craft.

We manufacture various types of knives, but we have a reputation for their excellent overall balance and beautiful finish. As a blacksmith with both popularity and ability, great success is expected in the future.

About product handling

The Yoshimi Kato series is available at HAGAKURE Sholm.

1-22-28 Kawajiri-cho Nishi, Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture