Media publication information (Japan Bland Collection)

[Media publication information] We have been featured in "Japan Bland Collection 2024 Luxury Selection". This book is designed for inbound tourists and is written entirely in English. In addition, the website of Japan Guide, which is said to be one of the world's largest media for visiting Japan, is There is also a link on the top page of the website, where you can view our information. We are very humbled to receive such an evaluation, and we will continue to work hard to satisfy our overseas customers. We were also featured in the Hiroshima edition of the same...

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Media appearance information (RCC Radio Barishaki NOW)

[Media appearance information] I was invited to RCC Radio's popular weekday evening information program ``Hiroshi Michimori's Barishaki NOW''. This is my 4th time doing a live radio broadcast, so I feel like I've gotten used to it, but there's still a unique sense of nervousness when I go into the studio. This time's theme is inbound demand for Japanese knives. We talked about our company's example and what is happening in the industry as a whole. I had prepared things I wanted to talk about, such as interesting stories, but when it came to live broadcasting, things didn't go as...

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New business partner (Aoki Hamono)

[Information about new business partners] We have decided to officially do business with Aoki Hamono, which is well-known for its Takayuki Sakai brand. The other day, I visited the company's headquarters in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture to say hello. We were also guided to the Sanpo factory in the same city, where we met traditional craftsman Itsuo Doi and sharpener Mitsuo Yamazuka, and were able to see the enthusiastic forging and sharpening process. I was also shown around the Takayuki Sakai Gallery in the same city, and was overwhelmed by the many beautiful knives. I never dreamed that I would...

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New business partner (Kyohei Shindo)

[Information about new business partners]

We have recently started doing business with Kyohei Forging (Kyohei Shindo) in Kami City, Kochi Prefecture. The inscription is "Made by Kyohei." Please see the text for details.

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[Store opening information]

The last pop-up event of the year will be held at Hands Hakata store (Fukuoka City) for 10 days from December 5th (Monday) to December 14th (Wednesday).

This is the fifth time since last year that the limited-time shop has been held at the same store (this year is the second time after May). Over time, we have been receiving more and more customers, and we are receiving positive feedback.

This time as well, we will be exhibiting and selling a variety of cutlery (mainly for cooking), focusing on Echizen Uchihamono, including Miyazaki Kajiya in Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kazuyuki Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, and Tosa Uchihamono in Kochi. .

Everyone in Kyushu, including Fukuoka, please come and visit us. Please note that our showroom will be closed during this period. Thank you for your understanding.

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Media appearance information (Monthly Kurebansan)

[Media appearance information]

We were interviewed by the local town information magazine "Monthly Kureban".

The corner is "Leader's Message". Although I am a young person who has only been in business for three years and has only recently established a corporation, I would like to talk to him about our business and what we are aiming for.

Since becoming a corporation, we have restarted as a knife shop that only requires reservations, which is rare in Japan. We will continue to do our best as a company that is loved by local people and takes on challenges around the world !

This article will be published in the December issue, which will be released on November 25th. Please take a look if you are interested.

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