A master craftsman who receives constant production requests from all over the country.

Born in Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture (currently Echizen City). He trained under his father, a second-generation Monjiro and an award-winning contemporary master craftsman. He is one of the few blacksmiths who has inherited the traditional techniques of Echizen cutlery, ``Mawashiho'' and ``Maikozuchi.''
We are good at manufacturing various types of special cutlery using fire forging, and we are flooded with orders from all over the country, especially for high-quality sickles and pruning shears, which rely on our skilled handiwork.
In 1985, he assumed the name of the third generation, Echizen Monjiro. To date, we have received numerous awards and medals, including the Traditional Crafts Exhibition, the National Comprehensive Skills Exhibition, and the Order of the Sacred Treasure. He can be said to be a rare master craftsman of all times who can make all kinds of cutlery, from kitchen knives to scissors.