A young master who is particular about genuine warikomi forging.

Miyazaki Blacksmith Haruki Miyazaki

Born in Nagasaki City. After graduating from high school, he became interested in agricultural tools used in daily life, and stumbled upon the ancient Japanese forging method. He then became an apprentice to Toshio Oba (Oba Blacksmith Factory), a master craftsman in Fukuoka City. Mr. Oba is the only blacksmith in Japan who makes dohyo hoe, and his knives are popular as Hakata knives. Mr. Miyazaki learned the traditional manufacturing method there and acquired the technique of Honwarikomi forging.

After training, he set up a workshop in Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, his father's hometown, and opened the business as Miyazaki Blacksmith. The product is marketed under the name ``Tsubaki Knife,'' named after the Yabutsubaki, a flowering tree in Goto City, and focuses on products that inherit the Hakata knife.

We are particular about genuine forging. Although the manufacturing method is in contrast to the cheap, mass-consumable knives that can be produced by machines, and it takes time and effort, it is a real everyday tool that you can cherish and use for a lifetime. In recent years, we have received a steady stream of inquiries from overseas, and despite receiving a daunting number of orders, we continue to painstakingly create masterpieces that can only be achieved by hand.

Media appearance history (main ones)

Nagasaki Shimbun “Living on the Island” (September 14, 2009)

Nishinippon Shimbun “Sharpness that shortens the distance between master and disciple” (November 17, 2010)

Weekly Bunshun “Facing iron at the island workshop” (September 19, 2013 issue)

CS Discovery Channel “Door to Tomorrow” #30 Wild Blacksmith Haruo Miyazaki (May 2018)