From the male of Echizen to the world's Yu

Born in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. Mr. Yu Kurosaki is a young knifesmith who is one of the most popular and skilled knifesmiths in Echizen. In March 2019, at the young age of 39, I became a traditional craftsman.

We have released a large number of highly functional Western-style knives and custom knives to the world. Its high level of design has received overwhelming support from discerning chefs mainly in North America and Europe.​

Even though he has orders for over 10,000 pieces, he has a cheerful personality and works hard at forging every day. It has appeared on many media such as TV and magazines, and many celebrities and professional athletes are also loyal to it. Overseas fans line up to attend his autograph session. In the near future, he will definitely become a master craftsman who will lead the Japanese cutlery world.

TV appearance history (main ones)

NHK Hirubura TV Asahi Japan's Power TV Tokyo Hirumeshi Tabi etc.
TBS Sakurai/Ariyoshi's THE Night Party

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