Quality products for home use at reasonable prices

Masutani knife production Masutani Kunio (Masutani Kunio)

Masuya Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a workshop in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. The tradition of Echizen Uchihamono, which has a history of 700 years, has been passed down through four generations.

Our main products are knives for home use that make daily knife work more enjoyable. The inscription is ``Kunpei Saku'', named after the representative and master craftsman, Kunio Masutani. The knives, which are painstakingly made one by one by craftsmen, are thin, firm, durable, and flexible. We create knives that have an excellent overall balance, such as smooth sharpness and smooth cuts, while paying particular attention to beauty in appearance and ease of use.

Costs are reduced by performing all manufacturing processes in-house. We achieve reasonable prices while maintaining high quality. This knife is especially popular among housewives as a tool for everyday use.