5 reasons to choose HAGAKURE

1. We visit the workshop, talk with the blacksmith, and purchase carefully selected products by actually seeing them with our own eyes.

2. We have a full lineup of original knives planned by HAGAKURE and collaboration products with craftsmen.

3. We also have a thorough follow-up system that includes half-yearly and one-year inspections after purchase, as well as re-sharpening and correction of spilled blades.

4. Our staff, who are not only knowledgeable about products, but are also well-versed in cooking, will suggest the most suitable bottle for your needs.

5. We communicate not only functionality and artistry, but also the cultural value and appeal of Japanese knives.

Blacksmith introduction

Knife craftsmen who still inherit the fire-forged forging method developed by our predecessors. Knives, which are said to last a lifetime, are born from such skilled handiwork. They are highly sought after by top chefs both domestically and internationally. It is also a blacksmith that attracts attention.

For customers living overseas other than Japan

The HAGAKURE online shop has now started payment and delivery services so that customers living overseas can also make purchases.




Fishing with Nao Yamamoto🎣

At the invitation of traditional craftsman Nao Yamamoto, we went fishing at Lake Hyuga in Fukui Prefecture. Although it is called a lake, it is a b...

Mr. Yu Kurosaki visited our company and attended for 2 days.

Mr. Yu Kurosaki, the master of Kurosaki Uchihamono, and his students Taishi Rokkamura and Daiki Mukai came to visit us.

They came all the way from Fukui, and in addition to visiting our showroom, they also spent two days in Kure City and Hiroshima City.

Our representative will attend sightseeing spots in Kure, the Yugure cruise, Hiroshima Peace Park, etc. It seems that all three of them enjoyed the gourmet food and sightseeing of Kure and Hiroshima.