Yoshihiro Yaji Hammered Black Original "Harukoku" Rockfish Ripping Knife Black Rockfish 110mm Rosewood Shinogi Handle

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Genre: Rockfish (original) Knife length: Approx. 110mm
Total length: approx. 245mm
Blade thickness (base of peak): approx. 3mm
Blade width: approx. 40mm
Weight: approx. 100g
Pattern: Rosewood shinogi (chestnut type)
Laminated steel: Shirogami No. 2 Side material: Iron (*Easy to rust, so care is required)
Hardness: HRC61 front and back double-edged/single-edged: single-edged (*For right-handed use)

Finish: black finish

*This is our original knife created in collaboration with Yoshihiro Yaji, a traditional craftsman from Echizen. This was designed to give everyone who loves rockfish a more delicious and deeper experience. We pay particular attention not only to quality, but also to appearance such as color, shape, and pattern. The hammered eyes resemble rockfish scales, and the Damascus pattern is reminiscent of the tide. We want you to deliciously cook the rockfish you caught and enjoy the finest rockfish dishes with your loved ones and friends. We planned this event with such wishes in mind.

*The inscription reads "Hiroshi Kan". The name comes from another name for rockfish, ``Shunpetsuo.'' Hiroshi is Yaji's shop name. The various regulations caused by the coronavirus pandemic are gradually loosening, and spring is literally coming. I hope that this knife will make you more interested in fish eating culture and fish dishes.

*As this is a handmade item, there may be some errors. Please note that the wood grain and color of the pattern may vary from piece to piece.

*Actual color may differ depending on the color reproduction of your monitor.