A blacksmith who carries on the tradition of Tosa hammering

Blacksmith Kyohei Shindo is from Sapporo. I will go to a university in Okinawa to study biology.
However, since he was originally interested in making things, he decided to become a blacksmith. I decided to move to Kochi Prefecture, which I decided was the closest place to realizing my dreams.
After gaining experience, he also worked as an assistant instructor at the Blacksmith Soseijuku of the Kochi Prefecture Tosa Cutlery Federation Cooperative Association. Three years ago, I became independent and opened a workshop called ``Kyohei Forging'' in Kami City, Kochi Prefecture.

Inheriting the tradition of Tosa cutlery, our main product is black double-edged knives. We forge knives that are simple, but the more you use them, the more you get used to them and the more you grow attached to them.

In addition, the knives for our company are not marked with the symbol of ``Kyo'' that Mr. Shindo used to have, but are inscribed with ``Kyohei-made'' in kanji. This inscription was requested by our company and was happily approved.