Whetstone Shapton Blade Master #320 Blue Black K0709 Coarse Whetstone Solid Whetstone Ceramic Whetstone Made in Japan SHAPTON

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Shapton's "Kuromaku Blade" is a series of whetstones that are color-coded according to the fineness of the particles.It is a series that is highly rated around the world for its excellent polishing power and good sharpening feel, and is the company's long-selling solid whetstone.Blue Black #320 is a coarse grindstone. Ideal for repairing small chipped edges with a whetstone.The easy-to-carry storage case can also be used as a whetstone.
It can also be used as an oil stone.

●It is hard and has high abrasive power, so it can be sharpened quickly. ●The whetstone lasts a long time because it does not wear out much. ●It does not deform easily, so there is no need to resurface it frequently. ●It has the sharpening feel of a natural whetstone.

Grindstone size: 210mm x 70mm x 15mm
Weight: 530g
Material: Abrasives such as alumina and silicon carbide, binders, composite materials, etc.

*Please moisten the whetstone with an appropriate amount of water before use. No need to soak in water
*Whetstones become sharp and dented as they are used. To repair a dented whetstone, please use a resurfacing whetstone.