Saji Samurai Aogami No. 2 Colored Damascus Nakiri Knife 165mm Lacquered Pattern Ori Model

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Genre: Nakiri knife
Blade length: approx. 165mm
Total length: approx. 315mm
Blade thickness (base side): 2.5mm
Blade width: approx. 55mm
Weight: Approx. 170g
Pattern: Lacquer pattern (pattern and drawing by Yuma Yamamoto, red and white ink wash)
Core material: Aogami No. 2
Side material: colored Damascus (iron)
Hardness: around HRC63
Double-edged/single-edged: Double-edged (for both left and right use)

*This is the "Oiri model" (a custom-made model ordered by our company when Oiri came to interview us ). We do not take pre-orders, so please purchase when the item arrives. Those who have made inquiries will be contacted in the order in which they received their inquiries when the product becomes available.
*Images will be added when the next product arrives.
*As this is a handmade item, there may be some errors. Please note that the pattern and color of the blade and handle may vary from one to another.
*Actual color may differ depending on the color reproduction of your monitor.

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