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Oiri's interview

Mr. Ori, a knife chef, came from Kobe to interview us.

We talked about the reason for starting the business, the characteristics of our company, and the aspirations, mission, and dreams of our company's representative. There were so many things I wanted to tell the YouTube viewers that I talked for about 5 hours straight.

There are very few photos that I can post on this blog, but it was a very exciting and meaningful time. Please enjoy the details on Oiri's YouTube video.

This time, I attended Mt. Noro in Kure City, local cafes, Kure specialties, the 200 stairs of Ryojo Castle, and the Yugo Cruise.

Thank you very much for coming from a far away place!


[Store opening information]

The last pop-up event of the year will be held at Hands Hakata store (Fukuoka City) for 10 days from December 5th (Monday) to December 14th (Wednesday).

This is the fifth time since last year that the limited-time shop has been held at the same store (this year is the second time after May). Over time, we have been receiving more and more customers, and we are receiving positive feedback.

This time as well, we will be exhibiting and selling a variety of cutlery (mainly for cooking), focusing on Echizen Uchihamono, including Miyazaki Kajiya in Goto, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kazuyuki Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, and Tosa Uchihamono in Kochi. .

Everyone in Kyushu, including Fukuoka, please come and visit us. Please note that our showroom will be closed during this period. Thank you for your understanding.