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First shot of Reiwa 4

I went to the Reiwa 4th year's first hitting ceremony (traditional training) @ Takefu Knife Village for the second year in a row! From Kyoto Station, take the limited express Thunderbird and head for Takefu Station.
It wasn't snowing in Kyoto, but when we entered Shiga, it turned into a blizzard. But this one has been folded in. Since we were also taking photos, the snow was more than welcome.
The master this time is Mr. Yu Kurosaki of Kurosaki Knives, one of our main clients. I arrived at the venue, Takefu Knife Village, quite early, and Nomura, president of Saji Uchi Hamono, was busy shoveling snow.
Around the time the date changed, Mr. Kurosaki and others dressed in white costumes appeared, and the old-style first-hitting ceremony was held solemnly.
I felt braced with the feeling that this year had finally begun, and the desire to firmly communicate the appeal of cutlery both domestically and internationally.
As a side note, the top image was entered into a photo contest sponsored by Takefu Knife Village Cooperative Association with the title ``Aun'' and it won.

Guide to Hungarian business partners

[Informing customers from Hungary]

Over the course of two days, I guided Hungarian business partners to Echizen.

Although it was not possible to make it happen due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was very happy that his two-year-old dream had come true.

``Many of the artisans in Echizen are famous overseas.It's impossible for such legendary people to come and talk to me normally,'' he said, crying with emotion.

I am filled with gratitude to the craftsmen, especially Yu Kurosaki and Yoshimi Kato, who took me through everything from the workshop to showing me around the city. President Ferenczi and Mr. Peter were also very impressed.

They left Japan vowing to meet again in Hungary next year.