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The knives that are made by craftsmen one by one are not just ``cutting well.'' They include everything from Japanese culture and spirit, traditional beauty, and the skill and spirit of the craftsmen. We want to be the link between the creator (blacksmith) and the user (cook).

Greetings from the representative

★ (Company name)'s corporate identity is to "spread traditional Japanese cutlery around the world and be of use to people involved in cooking." Therefore, we promise to understand more deeply than anyone else the history, culture, and raison d'être of cutlery, and to continue communicating its value and appeal.

Knives have supported the Japanese diet since ancient times, but because they have been such a familiar tool in daily life, they have tended to be undervalued. However, these days, when cheap, disposable knives are being mass-produced and consumed in large quantities, the true value of knives, which are meant to last a lifetime, is being reconsidered.

At our company, our representatives visit the production areas many times to meet with craftsmen, negotiate with them, and purchase products directly. This is because, as a ``connector'' who bridges the gap between ``creators'' and ``users,'' we believe that listening to the voices of the people in the field should be prioritized above all else.

Society is changing every moment. Cutlery craftsmen also place importance on tradition while constantly taking on innovative challenges. What is the knife that the times demand? ★ (company name) will continue to take on challenges in order to contribute to the creation of a richer food culture. We hope that many people will enjoy using the world's best knives.

About Echizen Uchihamono

Echizen Uchihamono was the first knife in the country to be designated as a national traditional craft. Its roots can be seen in Chiyozuru Kuniyasu, a swordsmith during the Nanbokucho period.

In 1993, in the production area of ​​Takefu (present-day Takefu, Echizen City), with the fate of the industry on the verge of decline, a large workshop was built for cooperative members to use together. We chose a path of coexistence and mutual prosperity by eliminating barriers between craftsmen and companies. We taught each other techniques and worked hard together, from young players to veterans, and from an early age we set our sights on overseas.

We work with unique craftsmen who are both talented and popular, such as Takeshi Saji, who respects tradition but has an up-and-coming spirit, and is said to be the leading expert in Japanese-style knives, and Masaru Kurosaki, a young blacksmith who is attracting attention around the world. We have produced many students.

Echizen cutlery is characterized not only by its high quality such as sharpness, but also by its overall high design, such as the laminated pattern called Damascus pattern, the hammer pattern, and the material and shape of the handle. In other words, it is a fusion of practicality and artistry.
It is the most vibrant production area in the cutlery industry, with young people from all over the country who aspire to become blacksmiths flocking here.