Original cutting board Shimanto Hinoki Master single board freestanding cutting board

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An original cutting board with the HAGAKURE logo, made from a single piece of Shimanto Hinoki wood.

Made of wood with a rich oiliness, it is characterized by water repellency and good blade contact.

To further increase waterproofness and prevent discoloration, the end surface (side surface) is impregnated with polypremer.

Food can be separated easily, and it also reduces the burden on wrists and shoulders.

In addition, the biggest feature of this product is that it is freestanding.
Since it can be stood vertically, it can be stored in a dry state after use.
The thickness is 20mm to make it lighter, and the front and back corners are chamfered to make it easier to handle.

Size: Width 400mm Depth 240mm Height 20mm
Weight: approx. 800g
Production area: Kochi prefecture
Cutting board section: Shimanto Hinoki
Stand part: Sakura
Thread part: stainless steel
Stud: Nickel