Osakiya "Fujou" Hunting Knife Custom Knife Sword Hatchet Original Knife 100mm

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This is a limited collaboration model with Osakiya, an up-and-coming field blacksmith living in Hiroshima.
The author is a field blacksmith and a first-line hunter.
I am a 20 year veteran of firearms.
Made with practicality in the field (robustness, resistance to chipping, toughness of steel, etc.) as the top priority.
This is an integrally forged sword hatchet that can also be used by inserting a stick into the handle.
The main use is for hunting, but it can also be used for splitting firewood, cutting meat, and as an outdoor knife.
We released 10 titles for the first period in January 2023.
In March of the same year, we added 10 pieces with different lengths and handle shapes (please refer to our official Instagram)
*Please be sure to inquire about specifications, stock, etc. before ordering. I will send you individual images etc.

Genre: Hunting knife (sword hatchet)
Blade length: approx. 100mm
Total length: approx. 240mm
Blade thickness (base side): 5mm
Blade width: approx. 27mm
Weight: approx. 200g
Handle: Carbon steel (integral forging)
Steel material: carbon steel
Hardness: around HRC62
Double-edged/single-edged: Double-edged (for both left and right use)

*The creator of Osakiya does not engrave the name or logo because he is not a blacksmith skilled enough to engrave the name.
*The blade is double-edged, but this one has a rounded handle that makes it easier for left-handed people to grip (this does not mean that right-handed people can't use it either)
*Sheath not included
*Since this is a completely handmade item, there may be errors in blade length and blade width. Please note that the shape of each handle may vary slightly.
*Actual color may differ depending on the color reproduction of your monitor.

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