Osakiya MOJIRI Custom Knife Original Knife 110mm

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This is the "MOJIRI" series, created in collaboration with Osakiya, a master blacksmith in Aki.This product has been reforged from the suspension steel of an integral forged wheel that combines the blade and handle, giving it new life as a knife. This is an original knife with a lot of originality, such as the overall shape and the twisted handle.
In May 2023, we released 10 products with different sizes and shapes.
This product is one of them.

Genre: Custom knife
Blade length: approx. 110mm
Total length: approx. 295mm
Blade thickness (base side): 3mm
Blade width: approx. 25mm
Weight: Approx. 220g
Handle: Carbon steel (integral forging)
Steel material: carbon steel (rusts)
Hardness: around HRC62
Double-edged/single-edged: Double-edged (for both left and right use)

*The author's name has not been disclosed due to the author's request, and the inscription has not been engraved. *Sheath and special box are not included. *The actual color may differ depending on the coloring of your monitor. There may be cases

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