Whetstone Naniwa Polishing Industry Refacing Whetstone Mini Grooved Medium #60 IO-1122 NANIWA Made in Japan

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This is a whetstone (mini size) for flattening a dented whetstone.

Rub and polish the whetstone to make the worn whetstone flat.
A whetstone is only effective if the surface to be polished is flat, so there is no point in sharpening with a worn whetstone.
It may seem like a hassle, but taking care of your whetstone is necessary to make it last longer and create sharp knives.

Normally, the center of the whetstone will be dented, so press the groove side of the whetstone and rub evenly in a circular motion.When the dent disappears, you are finished.

Count: Medium grit #60 (This is the most effective grit when correcting coarse to medium grit)
Grindstone size: 170mm x 55mm x 30mm
Weight: approx. 540g

*Before using, pour enough water on the face-up whetstone and the whetstone on the side to be corrected.

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