Whetstone Naniwa Polishing Industry BASE Base #220 Coarse & #1000 Medium Whetstone Set of 2 Twin Type with Case Stand QA-0240 NANIWA Made in Japan

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A set (twin type) of two types of whetstones (coarse and medium) ●Ideal for those purchasing a whetstone for the first time ●It is a product with excellent cost performance ●Very convenient as the storage case becomes a whetstone stand ●Re-sharpening on a regular basis #1000 (medium whetstone) and #220 (coarse whetstone) in case the blade gets chipped ●The storage case can also be used as a whetstone stand.

Whetstone size: 185mm x 65mm x 15mm
Weight: #220: 400g #1000: 380
Material: Fused alumina

*Please soak the whetstone in water for about 10 minutes before use. *The whetstone will become sharp and dented as you use it. To repair a dented whetstone, please use the resurfacing whetstone (sold separately).