Signature "Hagakure" VG10 Koideba Knife 105mm PVC handle

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Genre: Kodeba
Blade length: approx. 105mm
Total length: approx. 235mm
Blade thickness (base side): 3mm
Blade width: approx. 40mm
Weight: approx. 110g
Pattern: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pattern
Steel material: VG10 (V gold No. 10: rust-resistant steel material)
Hardness: around HRC60
Double-edged/single-edged: Double-edged (for both left and right use)
Production area/Blacksmith: Miki/Ikeuchi Knife

*This is a Koideba knife from the famous "Hagakure" series.
*The core of the handle is cypress wood, and PVC material is glued to it. It is designed to be non-slip even when wet with seawater, such as on a boat or at a fishing spot.
*As this is a handmade item, there may be slight differences.
*The actual color may differ depending on the color reproduction of your monitor.